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  • Hans Poppelaars
    Product Designer

  • Peter Hoogland
    Partner Manager

  • Renzo Paravicini
    Sales Management

  • Erik Rijken
    Process Mining Expert

  • Simon Sasburg
    Software Engineer

  • Erik- Jan van der Linden
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Inge Bouma
    Process Mining Expert

  • Tjeerd Stap
    Process Mining Expert

  • Dennis Sogeler
    Delivery Manager

  • Remko Bijsmans
    Business Development Manager

  • Roel Vliegen
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Thomas Lammers
    Software Engineer

  • Kosmas Hatzidimitris
    Product Developer

  • Sefer Turan
    Software Engineer

  • Johannes Bleker
    Head of Legal & Operations

  • Rudolf Kuhn
    Chief Mining Officer

  • Sven Bego
    Product Manager

  • Martijn Wijffelaars
    Product Management

  • Anita Cuijpers
    Office Management

  • Guido Boshouwers
    Data Engineer

  • Tanja Limburg
    Office Management

  • Christiaan Esmeijer
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jasper Selman
    Product Developer

  • Roeland Scheepens
    Software Developer

  • ProcessGold is the culmination of over 10 years of software development in the field of Big Data / Business Intelligence and more than 7 years of consulting experience in Process Mining. The October 2016 merger of ProcessGold and MagnaView resulted in the most flexible and efficient Process Mining software ever, providing maximum benefits and added value.