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ProcessGold is a world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software for business process management and optimization.

Headquartered in Eindhoven, the high-tech capital of the Netherlands and birthplace of Process Mining, ProcessGold works with partners around the globe with their business transformation, diagnosing key risks and identifying opportunities to advance business performance.

As a young team of ambitious professionals, we are motivated by the common goal – making your business more efficient, successul, sustainable.






Roel Vliegen – VP of Engineering


Roel Vliegen is one of the two CEOs at ProcessGold. He is responsible for the full functionality of the platform and exceptional performance of the most advanced tool on a market.

Passionate about moving technological progress forward, in 2018 Roel with a group of colleagues developed the patent-pending TRACY algorithm for process graph visualization. With this and other initiatives he assures ProcessGold significant contribution into Process Mining technology development.

Prior to that, he graduated from MSc in Technical Computer Science at Technical University of Eindhoven (TUe) and obtained a MSc in Business Innovation at TIAS. In 2005, together with E.J. van der Linden and Prof. Jack van Wijk, Roel founded MagnaView company and later was responsible for the integration of Process Mining on the platform, taking it to its current position as one of the TOP global Process Mining platform.

Unique in ProcessGold

We are the best at making the world more efficient by enabling enterprises fully use their data.

Favorite quote

“Preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Christiaan Esmeijer – VP of Customer Success


Christiaan Esmeijer is one of the two CEOs at ProcessGold. He is now responsible for high quality business strategies development, long-term and short-term planning and the ProcessGold team directing with focus on Sales and Marketing activities. He is leading the employee engagement developing a high-skilled team in the Netherlands, supporting the international offices at the same time. 

Christiaan studied Electrotechnical Engineering and Information Technology at HAN university. He knows how to develop and implement a great product on English speaking market (USA, Australia)After 15 years of experience in software technology – developing, testing, managing projects, products and professional services, he entered ProcessGold at its very start in order to drive its success further. 

What is unique in ProcessGold

Our people are our biggest asset. People that love innovative technologies and are ready to spread efficiency among organizations. In our passion, we thrive to make this as easy as possible for our customers and focus on long-term results.

We love to be different and recognize that life is short, therefore we make our work fun! Driven by a common passion, we value open mentality and transparent communications. 

Favorite Quote

I’d rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right.” — Albert Einstein

Rudolf Kuhn – VP of Data Analytics


Rudolf Kuhn has been working in information technology for more than 20 years. In 2009 he founded ProcessGold as a consulting company for Process Mining. During the past 10 years, Rudolf has become one of the most influential proponents of Process Mining in Europe and beyond, having been involved in Process Mining projects for over 100 customers.

As the Process Mining evangelist, Rudolf represents ProcessGold by regularly sharing his broad experience and knowledge with audiences across the globe, involving more great minds into the topic and letting enterprises know of Process Mining possibilities and their potential for growth.


Martijn Wijffelaars – Head of Product


Martijn has been with MagnaView from the very beginning. He graduated from Computer Science (TU/e) and has always had a broad interest in products, business, technology and design. This also showed in his cum-laude graduation with a publication about the use of colors in visualizations. 

With ProcessGold, he has been the creative mind behind our first commercially successful product called CumLaude. He has 12 years of experience in different product management roles, getting products and propositions to market, and making those successful. Working side by side with the greatest thinkers and influencers in process mining, he is making sure our innovative products lead to real value for our customers. 

Martijn, currently Head of Product at ProcessGold, is responsible for a product offering that gets the market excited by delivering cutting-edge innovations. He is passionate about giving our customers a truly exceptional product experience. 

What is unique in ProcessGold? 

To me ProcessGold has always felt like a group of close friendswho are excited about solving challenges together daybyday and doing something that we love.  

Favorite Quote 

Stay hungry, stay foolish.” — Steve Jobs 


Frederik de Hosson – Head of Sales


Frederik joined the company in 2018 as Head of Sales. Thanks to his diverse experience in Sales and Account Management, he is now standardizing and leading sales processes prioritizing clients’ needs. 

Being an important connection between the international Sales departments and working closely with Marketing, CSM and CEOs, Frederik assures a balanced business environment that leads to company, partners and customers growth. 

Frederik obtained a BSc in Hotel and Hospitality Management (The Robert Gordon University), and MSc Business Administration (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen).  

What is unique about ProcessGold? 

Process mining is taking the world by storm and working at ProcessGold gives you front row seats to all the exciting things that are happening right now. Large organizations everywhere are starting to see how process mining can help them put their data to good use and unlock tremendous business value doing so. Being able to contribute to that is truly inspiring and no day is the same. What makes this even better is the team of dedicated professionals that I get to work with every day. Together, we all strive towards achieving our common goal of making ProcessGold the number 1 process mining platform in the world. 

Favorite Quote 

In true Process Mining fashion: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” — misattributed to Charles Darwin. 


Remko Bijsmans – Head of Customer Succcess Management


Remko started his career in Process Mining in 2015, when he joined the young and ambitious ProcessGold team as a Marketing and Sales Representative. Before that he worked as a Technical Consultant in the financial industry. 

Having graduated from the Business Information Systems Master’s program at Eindhoven University of Technology, he knew exactly what ProcessGold was trying to achieve and brought indispensable input into the development of its customer base. After the merge of ProcessGold and Magnaview, Remko focused on Customer Success Management, providing constant support to current clients and partners and assuring their success over time.  

What makes ProcessGold unique? 

It’s definitely the people, in a good way! Everybody is willing to help and cooperate with one another in order to achieve a bigger goal. This is one of the crucial things we bring to the table. A willingness to understand one another and form lasting partnerships that leads to mutual success, and that is what customers and partners value in us. 

Favourite Quote: 

I like the quote from Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” For me this means that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try a new approach or technology. Process Mining is exactly that, a disruptive technology that can provide you with the fresh insights you (didn’t know) you were looking for. 


Hans Poppelaars – Head of Professional Services


Hans joined ProcessGold in 2014, back when it was a small company seeking growth opportunities. Since then, Hans has worked on several projects and products, starting with designing BI applications, moving towards scrum master and eventually Product Owner. 

After MagnaView merged with ProcessGold, Hans made the switch to consultancy, using his knowledge of the ProcessGold platform to enable Process Mining at diverse customers. He eventually became team lead of the Professional Services team. 

Hans leads a team of consultants that assist customers to adopt the ProcessGold platform within their organization, therefore his priority is the smooth technical integration and user education. Furthermore, under his guidance, partners receive high-quality training for further implementation of Process Mining practices at their clients.  

What makes ProcessGold unique? 

Like many companies, ProcessGold is defined by its people. Their willingness to help each other and the friendship between many employees that extends beyond the border of mere colleagues is what makes ProcessGold unique. For many employees, it feels like a second home in the best way possible. This enables us to go the extra mile and our customers notice this. 

Favorite Quote 

Impatience is a virtue.” — Ursula Burns 


Mary-Jane Spetter – Head of Knowledge Services


Mary-Jane leads a team that promotes the correct use of the ProcessGold products by developing a high-quality knowledge base – the ProcessGold Academy – which fits the needs of external and internal customers. 

Mary-Jane has more than 20 years of experience as a trainer and manager of Global Education Services teams. She perfectly understands how to transmit complicated technology in an understandable, simple manner, and structure the learning process in the most efficient way. 

Besides this role, Mary-Jane is responsible for the well-being of ProcessGold team, assuring maintenance of transparent team relationships, justice, respect and diversity in the workplace. 

What makes ProcessGold unique? 

We strive to help others succeed. With our product, our services and how we treat each other. 

Favorite Quotes 

When you learn, teach. When you get – give.  Maya Angelou
The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. — BB King 


Roeland Scheepens – Head of Research


Roeland has a strong Academic background with a PhD in Visualization from the Eindhoven university of Technology and several years of Research experience.  

He is now responsible for all research activity in ProcessGold, including the supervision of interns and master students in their research projectsrunning the ProcessGold Academic Allianceorganizing the ProcessGold Scientific Board, and assuring the recognition of newly discovered technology by patent authorities.  

Roeland aims to both advance the state-of-the-art and to apply it to the business of ProcessGold. More specifically, Roeland aims to close the gap between industry and academia as well as the gap between visualization and process mining research.   

What is unique in ProcessGold?  

The willingness of the people to genuinely want to help each other, both internally and externally. 

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