Academic Alliance

Before becoming an enterprise tool, Process Mining had its beginnings in academic research. This is why we believe in maintaining strong links with universities and new research initiatives, ensuring we stay tuned into technological developments and remain the innovative company that we are.

For this reason, we have set up the ProcessGold Academic Process Mining Alliance.



  • Internship

    By joining the team of Student Interns at ProcessGold you can gain practical knowledge for your studies, while showing your worth for the Process Mining industry. Work in an informal team that is seriously passionate about Process Mining and will support you on the way to become highly qualified for future opportunities.
  • Graduation Project

    Concluding your Master’s degree, use your knowledge in practice and demonstrate an analytical mindset. Research is done on various topics covering Process Mining, visualization, software engineering, AI and more! Highlight your technical problem-solving skills, while offering solutions that have the potential to be put into practice, such as the TRACY layout engine by R. Mennens. ProcessGold strives for young talent development and has a 54,5% employment rate for recent graduates for the past 3 years.
  • Academic License

    Students, PhDs and workers of academic institutes can apply for the ProcessGold Academic License to use in research and graduation projects. Every application is looked at individually and access can only be provided to a limited number of people. While applying, make sure to use your academic email.

    Please, note that due to the integration with UiPathno Academic Licenses will be provided for the time being. If you would like us to contact you once the Academic License is available, please leave your contact information – click on a button below.

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A Stable Graph Layout Algorithm for Processes

By Robin J. Mennens, Roeland Scheepens and Michel A. Westenberg

DOT Algorithm Challenges

The DOT algorithm is very suitable for a so-called point to point processes but is challenged by processes that cross system and team lines, with many handoffs points. Although these traditional graphs appear simple, they do not show an accurate and easy to read the picture of process complexity, and real-time process changes.


Instead of displaying difficult to read spaghetti diagrams, TRACY improves your process mining experience in 4 distinct ways:

  • TRACY makes sense

    TRACY orders activities in a natural way using intelligent process layout engine, to ensure process flows are mapped in the most simple way, while retaining a clear line of sight on full process complexity.

  • Process animation changed

    All changes to your process are highlighted through our process animation or live activity flows, greatly improving the understanding of changes to your models.

  • Stable baseline

    Older process models can be thrown out of shape with even small changes, making your existing processes unrecognizable. TRACY maintains a stable baseline of your process before the changes, making it simple to track and interpret changes.

  • Increased speed

    TRACY is just faster, much faster! It is 13 times faster than traditional DOT algorithm, especially for larger datasets.


The curious observation by Thijs Ledeboer

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  • mining-graduation-projects-15
  • mining-graduation-projects-16
  • mining-graduation-projects-17
  • mining-graduation-projects-18


My colleagues at ProcessGold are very knowledgeable and also willing to share their valuable knowledge with me.

Julia Hofs, Trainee Software Engineer

The environment at ProcessGold is very supportive and fun to work in. My colleagues at ProcessGold are always willing to help me with my project.

Céline Verhoef, Graduate Student

ProcessGold has helped me to understand, make use of and ultimately, take part in the development process of the most advanced Process Mining platform available.

Petru-Stefan Friptu, Trainee Software Engineer