Exactly 10 years ago today, on 5 March 2009, my adventure with Process Mining began. I met John Hoogland in Amsterdam, in a coffee near the station.

For the first time he showed me an early version of the first commercial Process Mining software “ReflectOne“. I was immediately enthusiastic about the possibility of reconstructing and visualizing the actual processes from digital footprints.

This was followed by a period of reflection, planning and initial discussions with companies as potential customers. We received a lot of positive feedback and already in 2009 the ING-DiBa bought a very first license.

In the course of the year I also got to know “The Godfather of Process Mining” Prof. Dr. Wil van Aalst, with whom we continue to work together in a trustworthy manner until today.


Rudolf Kuhn, Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst and John Hoogland back in 2009.

So in January 2010 ProcessGold AG was founded in Frankfurt (Germany) and the journey began.

Challenge Accepted

Unluckily, the first year was certainly marked by the global financial crisis and positioning a whole new idea and technology was not easy.

On the contrary we were still able to win our first customers and projects. Already in the first year we carried out the first Process Mining projects in the SAP environment at Siemens AG in Munich.

In the same environment, three students from Munich later gained their first Process Mining experience in the SAP environment and certainly there was a lot of “inspiration” there… Well, these three students are still working in the Process Mining environment and are known as Celonis.

In 2011, ING-DiBa received the “Audit Innovation Award” at the “Audit Challenge” conference at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for the use of Process Mining in internal auditing.

The jury consisted of approx. 50 audit managers from large companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They were enthusiastic about Process Mining and so over the next months and years we were busy implementing Process Mining in numerous audit departments.

Time to grow

Eventually, John Hoogland sold his company to Lexmark and the further development of the Process Mining software “ReflectOne” was gradually discontinued.

We established partnerships with other Process Mining providers such as QPR, Fluxicon and Celonis. For several years we were busy implementing the software of our partners and until today one or the other brilliant reference is actually a former ProcessGold project.

However, we were never so completely satisfied with the solutions offered. Some solutions were not easy to use, not powerful enough, did not have BI functionality, or were simply ridiculously expensive.

And so we decided to launch our own solution on the market.

Of course, a good software cannot be developed overnight.

Great MagnaView Minds

Searching for a great partner to take over the technical implementations we remembered of our good Dutch friends – MagnaView.

As a spin-off of Eindhoven University of Technology, the MagnaView platform existed long before anyone else started developing Process Mining softwares.

They knew technology, we knew business, and soon a very powerful and flexible BI solution had been developed.

And since the developers also studied with Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst, they were familiar with the concepts surrounding Process Mining.

The first prototype was developed in a few days, but the devil is in the detail and so it took almost a year until the first version was ready for the market.

Get Together, Right Now

Through close cooperation we got to know each other well and decided to merge ProcessGold and MagnaView at some point.

In October 2016 we launched the very first ProcessGold Process Mining version.

The ProcessGold software was very well received on the market.

We were very happy to be recognized by Ernst & Young (EY) as partner. In the end of 2016 the leading products on the market were compared and ProcessGold was chosen as the strategic partner for EY Assurance.

Business card photo created by katemangostar – aligncenter wp-image-9642 size-large” src=”×683.jpg” alt=”cooperation-partner” width=”1024″ height=”683″ />

EY developed its own solution based on ProcessGold and now uses it as “EY Helix Process Mining” for over 100 clients as part of the annual audit. EY is now rolling out ProcessGold worldwide.

The Bright Future

Looking back it was a great trip and a great adventure with many ups and downs.

Starting a new business, especially with a new technology, is certainly not easy. Nevertheless, I have no regrets and am still enthusiastic about Process Mining.

Currently we see a worldwide increasing interest in Process Mining.

Originally invented in Europe by Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst, the topic has now arrived in America and Asia after many years and we receive daily enquiries from all over the world.

I believe that Process Mining is still just the beginning and that one day it will be used by every company that uses IT to manage its processes.

At ProcessGold we make sure to offer the most comprehensive, flexible, powerful and yet affordable Process Mining software in the market.

I would like to thank all our employees, customers and partners who have accompanied me on this path and look forward to continuing our cooperation!

Rudolf Kuhn, Chief Mining Officer @ProcessGold