With humble beginnings in academia, process mining has developed into a powerful cornerstone of business transformation initiatives. The rapid growth of process mining over the course of two decades has resulted in tremendous opportunities for enterprises to change their business processes.

What’s in the white paper?

In this Process mining for the Enterprise white paper, we will walk you through:

  1. Essential components of a successful process mining solution, including governed self-service, continuous monitoring and improvement of processes, and cutting-edge data analysis technology;
  2. Key considerations when selecting a process mining vendor, for instance R&D capabilities, technology partnerships and continuity;
  3. Exciting future of enterprise level process mining.

About the authors:

Erik-Jan van der Linden and Rudolf Kuhn are known in the process mining industry for their long-standing experience and impact on spreading the word about the technology. Both data science admirers, they are certain that process mining will reach the heights of a must-have enterprise solution in the near future.

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Erik-Jan van der Linden, Co-Founder @ProcessGold
Rudolf Kuhn, Chief Mining Officer @ProcessGold