Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is crucial for creating a smooth operational environment in large organizations. Implementing RPA in diverse processes involves programming pre-defined bots that collaborate with humans to perform mundane and repetitive tasks. Therefore, RPA has enormous potential to decrease throughput time, minimize the number of human errors and improve efficiency. Besides simple task performance, bots can recognize missing information and request for such data adjustment, as well as double-check work, assuring high-quality results.

RPA is a merge of business process automation technology and Artificial Intelligence. Similar to Process Mining, RPA is a field that originated in academics, eventually moving to business, significantly changing the way we structure our processes and distribute labor. Solutions are normally developed fast and provide a strong user experience, suitable for all levels of the organization.

The technology can be implemented within Finance, Business Operations, Customer Support, IT and HR processes. It all sounds convenient, although, how do you determine whether your process needs RPA at all?

This is what Process Mining can do.

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