Gain full insight on your operations to drive innovation and business transformation.

Full transparency on enterprise performance

  • Full visibility of business performance, globally.

  • Identification of performance benchmarks and best practice across teams.


Identify and prioritize potential improvements

  • Identify opportunities to streamline processes, improve cost efficiency & drive change.

  • Prioritize initiatives based on operational impact and ROI in real-time.

Sustainable business benefit

  • Full transparency of the impact on the business.

  • Delivery of sustainable ROI from business transformation.


Video: KPN on Process Mining

Albert de Koning, Director of Purchase to Pay at KPN is sharing his insights on Process Mining and its power of unveiling the true business processes.

See the video to understand how the technology helped KPN to stay in control of P2P operations (in Dutch, subtitles English).

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AEGON - Life insurance, pensions and asset management.

12 countries, 40.000 employees.

Problem: No clear picture on their internal processes.

Solution: Visualize and monitor key pension processes based on facts instead of gut feeling.

Result: Reducing rework (80% could be standardized), removed 10 years customer waiting time and reduced number of postponement letters from 13.4% -> 2.4%, less mistakes, faster communication to customers, higher service level.

Cost savings: $ 568k for 3 processes only within the customer contact center.


KPN - Telecommunication service provider NL.

Finance NextGen department (70 employees) Source 2 Pay process.

Problem: Only gut feelings, no insight in Source 2 Pay process, surprise us.

Solution: Provided a full blown application for analysts to analyze approx. 200.000 PO’s, PR’s and invoices.

Result: 29% improvement on invoices, 13% on PO/PR process, consultation of 1200 less managers required, increase of on time payments, better predictability on costs and expenses, easier to enter into partnerships with suppliers.

Cost savings: Between 90K and 3 Mio.