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We help you find the resources you need to expand your knowledge and maximize your potential. We support you in building your big dreams with us.


We value transparency and proactiveness. Bring your ideas to life  and discover what you’re capable of. 

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We love innovation as it allows us to improve. Everyday at ProcessGold is different with new goals, new challenges and new achievements.

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ProcessGold is a family and we treat each other with care. We believe no one can reach the top alone.


Don’t be surprised if you see a guy who sings out loud to keep him concentrate at work better. Or a group of our colleagues who often together walk and have lunch at the same time. They all make ProcessGold unique.

We consider each member as an appreciating asset. We offer a competitive salary and benefits packages to help you succeed.

We give you time away to focus on the people who matter most with parental leave or family caregiver leave.

Because we want you to be with us for the long haul, we provide the premium pension package for your perfect plan of retirement (of course in very far future). 


Customer Success Manager
Schwalbach a. Taunus, Full-time


No borders. No hierarchy. No limit to what’s possible. We are open to any new idea at any level. No matter who you are, we are all equal and work together as a team.

  • Remko Bijsmans
    Business Development Manager

  • Johannes Bleker
    Head of Legal & Operations

  • Jos Mangnus
    Process Mining Expert

  • Hans Poppelaars
    Product Designer

  • Rudolf Kuhn
    Chief Mining Officer

  • Roel Vliegen
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Christiaan Esmeijer
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jean-Marc Bouqin
    Executive Partner France

  • Peter Hoogland
    Partner Manager

  • Anita Cuijpers
    Manager Backoffice

  • Tjeerd Stap
    Process Mining Expert

  • Thijs Ledeboer
    Solution Developer

  • Erik- Jan van der Linden

    Non-Executive Director

  • Erik Rijken
    Process Mining Expert

  • Inge Bouma
    Process Mining Expert

  • Qiang Suo
    Process Mining Expert