Total process audit

ProcessGold delivers full and continuous insight on all audit risks.

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Limited by traditional audits, companies are unable to fully identify commercial/operational risks within applications or teams, cannot flag real-time compliance breaches and monitor the effectiveness of controls.


Full transparency on all risks

  • Full process coverage – no sampling.

  • ID all audit exceptions without missing the greater picture.

  • Data-driven unbiased findings.

  • Identification of internal breaches before the external audit.

Continuous Audit Confidence

  • Automated collection of audit evidence and facts.

  • Early detection and monitoring of controls and audit violations for early detection.

  • Continuous risk monitoring.

  • Cost effective fraud prevention.

Drive Business Performance

  • Full transparency on core processes across the business.

  • More opportunity to improve and harmonize processes.

  • Unravel team interactions and hand-offs within processes.

  • Deliver more value in business operations.