Every Angle is pleased to announce the release of Every Angle Process Mining.  The new solution helps to get the desired insights into how your business is currently running, including their hidden paths and inefficiencies.

Indeed, Every Angle has already offered great insights into open order situations, current bottlenecks and predicted supply chain performance through its Operational Analytics solution. Next, Process Mining adds a whole world of improvement potential based on historical data.

As the new solution is designed with data scientists and business analysts in mind, Every Angle Process Mining provides advanced throughput time analysis, bottleneck detection and root cause analysis.

All visible in great process models.


Every Angle Process Miningtance

Multiple purposes of Process Mining

The new solution can be used for multiple purposes, such as benchmarking business units and auditing the process to decrease risk.

For instance, by comparing company codes the solution will show if the process is followed or deviates from other business units.

Moreover, by analyzing if mandatory process steps are performed and with the ability to drill down into cases that don’t follow the mandatory process steps, a process can be audited to decrease risk.

8 reasons for Every Angle Process Mining:

  1.  20+ years of SAP knowledge combined with out-of-the-box Process Mining;

  2. 3 SAP data models out-of-the-box (Purchase to Pay, Supply to Demand and Order to Cash);

  3. Up and running in days;

  4. No need for purchasing new hardware as it’s installed on an existing server;

  5. No need to waste months gathering the data first (as with other tools);

  6. Refresh data as often as preferred;

  7. Immediately start driving day-to-day improvements;

  8. Create action lists based on your findings and automatically schedule them daily.


With Every Angle Process Mining businesses can visualize their process, detect bottlenecks, have an overview of what is happening and drill down to the details. This allows for driving operational and tactical improvements at the same time.