ProcessGold, a world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software, today announces a transition in the Executive Board. A new leadership is taken by Roel Vliegen and Christiaan Esmeijer as they change their roles from respectively CTO and COO to CEO of ProcessGold. Erik-Jan van der Linden, the current CEO, will remain on the company’s board and as Non-Executive Director.

In the first place Van der Linden is an excellent entrepreneur in bringing Innovative Computer and Software Technology to business value, covering data science, AI and natural language processing.

He founded the visual analytics company MagnaView in 2005, where he acts as CEO, and which merged into ProcessGold in 2016.

Van der Linden is very pleased with this appointment:

“After almost 15 years as CEO, it is now time for the next generation of executives to step up and take ProcessGold new leadership to the next level of its existence as a global vendor, and I will be a part of that development. In 2019, we will expand to the US, and, we will see significant developments in our partner program. These will further our strong position in the field where Process Mining and Visual Analytics meet.’’

Vliegen and Esmeijer have a proven record of their contribution to the company.

Vliegen states:

“Christiaan and I have involved at the board level in the past years. Christiaan has been with a variety of responsibilities in delivery, marketing and sales; and I have been in charge of the full integration of Process Mining in the platform. We have had ample time to both become acquainted with the full spectrum of our company.’’

Today’s announcement follows another strong year in which ProcessGold continues and strengthens its cooperation.

Esmeijer sees a bright future ahead:

“With the Market Guide on Process Mining of Gartner which was published early 2018, we saw an enormous opportunity that lies ahead for ProcessGold and Process Mining in general. Our strategy is now to focus on delivering real business value to customers through a great network of global partners. Just two weeks ago, ProcessGold graduated from Microsoft ScaleUp program, which is a clear indication that we are heading for global presence and global partners.”

About ProcessGold

ProcessGold is a world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software for business process management and optimization. The most comprehensive software in the market, ProcessGold uses data mining and visualization to provide extensive visibility and understanding of business operations. Headquartered in Eindhoven, the high-tech capital of the Netherlands and birthplace of Process Mining, ProcessGold works with partners around the globe with their business transformation, diagnosing key risks and identifying opportunities to advance business performance.