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The tricky point with Process Mining lies in the transformation of the data.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – January 30, 2019

Process Mining can only be used successfully if the seamless connection of the data sources and the continuous transformation of the raw data is successful. This is exactly where the wheat separates from the chaff in the Process Mining tools…

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ProcessGold appoints two new CEOs to continue global expansion.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – December 7, 2018

ProcessGold, the world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software, today announces a transition in the Executive Board. Roel Vliegen and Christiaan Esmeijer change their roles from respectively CTO and COO to CEO of ProcessGold. Erik-Jan van der Linden, the current CEO, will remain…

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Every Angle announces a new solution: Every Angle Process Mining!

Out-of-the-box Process Mining for SA

Every Angle is pleased to announce the release of Every Angle Process Mining, a new solution to get the desired insights into how your business is currently running, including their hidden paths and inefficiencies. While Every Angle already…

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