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Evidant is the innovative, process expert leveraging big data analytics powered by ProcessGold to give businesses insight into their operations.

Such insight addresses key questions on the RPA journey: What processes should I optimize? What processes should I improve? And then, what processes have the most potential for RPA?

We have developed our next generation analytics (Evidant Process Insight) suite using ProcessGold’s powerful development platform.

This platform provides extensive development capabilities that have allowed Evidant to build significant new advantages in our new product.  We have math and statistics experts in our company that requires the level of depth that we could only find in ProcessGold.  As one of our key technology partners, PG has provided us the support and cooperation that are the equal of the technology.

Mike Walker, Evidant


Our platform is designed to get you up and running fast, providing you with advanced development features, and supporting you in this path in order for you to deliver outstanding results to your customers. 

Application Partners

The ProcessGold platform lets you easily develop your own solution based on our technology. We strive to support our customers throughout their journey and provide truly partnership opportunities. Give your application the power it needs!

  • Your application – your IP

    You can reuse our centrally maintained universal applications for multiple processes based on your own IP.

  • OEM and White Label

    You can develop applications under your brand name and identity.

  • Unlimited application building.

    Build once, sell forever. We strive to provide you with the easy, intuitive and user-friendly platform AppOne.

Technology Partners

Is your technology a perfect complement to Process Mining? ProcessGold is always interested in hard-hitting technology partnerships to reach the next level together.

  • Leverage our existing infrastructure

    Join forces with our experienced sales and delivery teams and take advantage of go-to-market materials for every process, industry and use case.

  • Grow your expertise

    Exchange high technology together with us and our Partner Ecosystem. Our Partner Ecosystem consists of business and technology experts across all industries and spans the entire globe.

Consulting Partners

Do you think big? Can you imagine the benefits for your clients in providing full process transparency and how this will add value to your services? Don’t delay – enjoy the benefits of a consulting partnership with ProcessGold today!

  • Grow your expertise

    Become a ProcessGold-certified specialist on various levels using the flexible options for enablement and re-certification of our ProcessGold Academy.

  • Comprehensive offering

    Provide excellent consultancy services to your customers based on our process mining technology or support joint clients with technical implementation, strategy development, and change management.

  • Cross-selling

    Deepen your relationship with existing customers and win new clients by delivering excellent consultancy services using our best-in-class technology.

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ProcessGold currently has more than 80 partners worldwide. Find the perfect partner for your transformation initiatives here.