Full visibility on key business processes to identify bottlenecks, issues, and solutions to improve operational excellence.

Full transparency into all variants

Complete visibility on what is happening. Full Transparency on all aspects of your process. Real business processes are displayed into multiple easy to use dashboards to deliver deep insight.

Full end to end view of your business processes to understand how business processes flow between systems and teams.

See your most common process path automatically from system and process data to highlight exceptions.

Delving into each process component to examine task time by team, process variation, and control issues.

Discover what matters most

Uncover the vulnerabilities and bottlenecks that impact your process speed, quality, cost, and compliance.

Displays time spent on each process activity including total throughput time, identifying process waste, and opportunities for timing improvements.

Total breakdown on cost for each process activity to identify efficiencies.

Full visibility on process timings and overdue deadlines for activities.

Display teams and individuals involved in the process, including handoff points and performance KPIs. Leverage new insights to inform resource utilisation and workforce planning.

Advanced data visualization like no other

Follow the timeline of your process events easily with our live animation feature to monitor performance and the effectiveness of controls.

 Our intelligent process mining algorithm ‘TRACY’ (patent pending) improves your visual experience. When you look at the same process, the overall layout always stays the same, no matter which filters you have applied. This preserves your mental map and makes a huge difference while analyzing your process using different dashboards. Read more

Multi-dimensional views on each process, displaying process flows, team handoffs, interactions between processes and teams. Intelligent process
standard setting also applied.