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ERNST & YOUNG - Professional audit services

700 offices, 150 countries, 250.000 employees

Problem: Customers demand more from EY then only delivering an audit. They expect advice on improvements.

Solution:EY created their own applications with ProcessGold to review all data on business processes instead of traditional data snap shots.

Result: More aligned audits, manuals checks are automated and results can be shared with customers to drill down to the root cause of it.

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AEGON - Life insurance, pensions and asset management.

12 countries, 40.000 employees.

Problem: No clear picture on their internal processes.

Solution: Visualize and monitor key pension processes based on facts instead of gut feeling.

Result: Reducing rework (80% could be standardized), removed 10 years customer waiting time and reduced number of postponement letters from 13.4% -> 2.4%, less mistakes, faster communication to customers, higher service level.

Cost savings: $ 568k for 3 processes only within the customer contact center.


HEINEKEN - Distributer of Lager Beer.

165 breweries, 70 countries, 250 different beers, 73.000 employees.

Problem: Internal audit had no complete international overview.

Solution: Every quarter audit all SAP transactions globally with ProcessGold automatically.

Result: Complete overview of all transactions and ready for every external auditor. Violations, compliance issues can be spotted and solved quickly. New regulations can be verified almost instant.


ENECO - 2nd largest energy service supplier in NL/BE.

3000 employees. 2.6 billion turnover.

Problem: Onboarding process too expensive and not efficient at call center.

Solution: Identified measures for more effective customer communication (involved marketing).

Result: Call reduction of 30.000 calls (€ 10,-/call) regarding annual invoice contacts and 1.800 calls regarding and term amounts. Higher service level, less uncertainty for customers.

Cost savings: Between 318K and 404K only on call reduction.


MENZIS - 2nd largest health insurance company NL.

Customer and operations (140 employees) department is taking care of 1.1 million declarations per year.

Problem: No insight in declaration processing, it seems is to be too labor-intensive.

Solution: Identified top 3 care providers to close contracts with and identified top 3 measures to automate process from 65% to 80%.

Result: Reducing manual activities of 33%, rework of 10% and throughput time of 52%.

Cost savings: Potentially dozens of employees.


KPN - Telecommunication service provider NL.

Finance NextGen department (70 employees) Source 2 Pay process.

Problem: Only gut feelings, no insight in Source 2 Pay process, surprise us.

Solution: Provided a full blown application for analysts to analyze approx. 200.000 PO’s, PR’s and invoices.

Result: 29% improvement on invoices, 13% on PO/PR process, consultation of 1200 less managers required, increase of on time payments, better predictability on costs and expenses, easier to enter into partnerships with suppliers.

Cost savings: Between 90K and 3 Mio.