Full process transparency and analytics to identify opportunities to streamline, automate and eliminate non-value activities. Supporting the continuous improvement of your business through process monitoring.


Compare and checking

Compare processes side by side across all components to identify variations and control issues.

Intelligent machine learning algorithm develops a reference process based on any of your best real process or a dedicated defined standard. Based on that, all steps which are a deviation from the reference are shown to recommend the best optimization for your processes.

Identify four eyes violation if two or more of the selected Four eyes activities are performed by the same person.

Detailed process monitoring

Analyse the data that matters to you most.

Enable the user to create snapshots of the current state of ApplicationOne, then share with others to review and reuse it.

You can export data, dashboard and process graphs into many formats like PNG, PDF, BPMN, XLSX, CSV.

Are operations in one location more efficient than in another? Compare internal operations to find the best practices that will benefit your entire organization.

See your progress over time by tracking your business process improvements automatically.